Why Choose Carlease? Our Commitment to Quality

27th June 2016 BY
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Learn about Carlease’ promise to its customers and how we intend to win their satisfaction

At Carlease, we take great pride in the fact that as a small business, we can serve as the ‘stepping stone’ for easing expatriates into their life in the UAE, and for businesses who want to focus on their operations, rather than fleet management. In short, we aim to be a small business that has an outsized positive impact on our customers., and we want to be the choice for anyone that is looking for a quality provider of competitively-priced transportation services.

Reliability, commitment and honesty are the bywords that we want to associate with ourselves. In order to achieve this, we have adopted a thorough quality management system in order to ensure that we are providing the best customer service experience possible while continuing to offer great value. In the end, our approach to our services will always be driven by our core guiding principles: Value, Variety and Service.

Value: All customers will be treated fairly and no customer will ever feel cheated.

Variety: As much as reasonably possible, we will show flexibility to meet the requirements of our customers. We will show this flexibility in terms of our model selection – we have over 80 models in our fleet, the widest range in the market – in terms of contract structures, and pricing.

Service: We will be specific about the commitments we make to our customers, and make every conceivable effort to meet them. From first contact until deposit return, we aim to not just be friendly, but efficient in our work.

Of course, we will always be compliant with the laws of the UAE. This should go without saying, but is not always the case in our industry.

It is for these reasons that we have been recognized year after year, most recently being recognized as one of the top Transportation companies in the MENA region at the 2017 and 2018 MEED Awards, and have been Finalists in the Customer Focus category at the Gulf Capital SME Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 – five years in a row.

Commitment to Employees

Our team is our our biggest asset. They are trained professionals who work very hard every day to deliver the best service to you. In return, we expect you to communicate kindly and politely to our staff. Any abuse, racism or harassment towards them will not be tolerated. Where necessary, abusers will be referred to the authorities.

Rental Experience

It is our top priority to ensure that your experience with us meets your expectations. Some of our standards in this regard include:

  • Every sales agent will explain the rental agreement to you line-by-line
  • Timely notices regarding excess mileage, traffic fines and damages will be provided to the greatest degree possible
  • We will also try our utmost to make sure that you receive the vehicle requested. If you do not get the exact model requested when you check out the car, we will make sure that you get the model selected once it is available to us. More than 90% of our customers walk away with the exact model of car that they wanted, not just the same category
  • Provided that a reservation is made and all documentation is completed beforehand, we will aim to have most of our customers in and out of our branch within 20 minutes.
  • Smoke-Free Cars: As a strict, non-negotiable policy, all of our fleet are smoke-free. Smoke can cause an unpleasant and hazardous environment, especially for children. All efforts are taken to ensure that the car you receive is smoke and odor free, and numerous signs are posted reminding drivers of this condition of our rentals. There are significant penalties (up to AED 1,000) for any customer who smokes in one of our cars, and judgment regarding whether or not the customer smoked in the car is at the sole discretion of the Carlease team member checking the vehicle. If you have any concerns regarding the car’s smell, please let the person checking-out the car with you know.
  • Every car released by Carlease for a rental will have undergone a thorough 55-point inspection of all major components. This is in addition to the testing required by the RTA an annual basis. To read more about some of the ways in which we go about maintaining the quality of our fleet, click here.
  • Every car will be released with an emergency triangle, fire extinguisher, spare wheel and jack, and an emergency kit. Our 24/7 Emergency number (+971 55 472 2531) will always be ready to serve you.
  • You will never be charged for anything that was not provided to you.
Our commitment to quality and reliability is unparalleled in the industry

Our commitment to quality and reliability is unparalleled in the industry

While the majority of customers enjoy excellent service and great vehicles, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. As a policy, we treat customer complaints very seriously and there are steps in place to rectify any issues you may experience. Please use our the phone numbers above or the dedicated feedback form on our Contact Us page to input your feedback. We will get back in touch as soon as possible.

First Time Renters

If you have not rented or leased in the UAE before, are a tourist, or are new to the country, our website can help you better understand the terms of conditions typically associated with vehicle rentals in the country. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page has been carefully collated to answer the most common questions we receive, along with dedicated guides to Driving In the UAE and Exploring the UAE.

Special Offers

As a valued customer, we endeavor to provide competitive prices and also give you the opportunity to sign up to our exclusive special offers. Our aim (subject to availability, of course) is to give our existing customers the first opportunity to benefit from our promotions. Please call us, sign up to our Newsletter, or visit the Special Offers section on our website to get more information.

Our Policies

All our policies have been created with our customers in mind and for our customers benefit. Our flexible lease plans have been designed taking every scenario into consideration so that we can satisfy all our customers who hire or lease for different purposes.

If you are unsure about any of our terms or policies, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will clarify any points of concern.

Customer Responsibilities:

Carlease works hard for our customers, but we also expect our customers to be fair to us. We expect our customers to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about driving licenses, visa status, office and residential locations, mobile phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Respond to our communications with them in a timely manner and advise us of any changes to the above in writing.
  • Ask questions, understand all clauses and demand satisfactory answers before signing an agreement.
  • Check the vehicle thoroughly, inside and out before signing the handing-over form. The handover is a terrible time to catch up on your Facebook messages.
  • Pay us on time, in full, as per the agreed terms and conditions
  • Remove all personal belongings at the time of returning the vehicle(s).
  • Treat all staff in a courteous and respectful manner free of racist or insulting language.
  • Look after our vehicle(s) – keep them clean, free of damage and drive them in a safe manner.
  • Keep appointments and be on time – we always prefer it when customers call in advance since it helps us serve them better

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