Value, Variety and Service: our Vision, Mission and Values

26th June 2016 BY
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Our commitment to quality and reliability is unparalleled in the industy

Our commitment to quality and reliability is unparalleled in the industy

Our Vision

Carlease aims to be best provider of automotive services in the UAE.

We know our customers are well-traveled and have experienced – and expect – a high level of service on an international level. However, we also know that a number of local car rental companies – be they local companies, or local companies affiliated with international brands, often fail to meet these expectations by not providing the basics – reliability, honesty, and commitment to promises made.

Our clients should expect us to meet these standards, with a friendly and efficient team that is keen to offer personalized service. Our ultimate aim is to go over-and-beyond our customers’ expectations, raising the bar for customer service while continuing to offer great value to our customers.

Our Values

From first contact until deposit return, we aim to not just be friendly, but efficient. Our customer service philosophy is baked into our guiding principles:


All customers will be treated fairly. We provide the clearest rental contracts in the market, and every sales agent explains the rental agreement line-by-line explaining and (physically) highlighting key terms. Communication to each customer is done monthly, with every charge explained; 24-hour notices are given for traffic fines. Regular updates are provided on RTA and regulatory changes.


With over 60 models, we have the widest ranging fleet in the market with a variety of contract structures. We were the very first car rental company in the UAE to introduce a 6-month lease contract and ‘declining commitment’ contract cancellation penalties. We also offer tremendous flexibility on car selection – more than 90% of our customers walk away with the exact model of car that they wanted, not just the same category.


We are specific about the commitments we make to our customers, and make every conceivable effort to meet them. Customers are greeted as distinguished guests – welcomed, offered refreshments, and if a team member happens to be celebrating a birthday, customers may even be invited to share some cake. The majority of our customers come to our branches and leave within 20 minutes; all of our customers receive a courtesy call from a member of our team to see if they are happy within 24 hours of taking or returning a car. All lease customers receive a follow up email every three months, at minimum, to ensure that their experience is smooth. We offer a similar commitment to new customers, ensuring that we respond all inquiries we receive within the shortest time period possible.

Our Commitment to a Quality Car Rental Experience

Reliability, commitment and honesty are the bywords that we want to associate with ourselves. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best customer service experience possible while continuing to offer great value.

Unlike others, we have stringent quality control procedures for the maintenance and upkeep of our fleet, and each car in our fleet undergoes a thorough 55-point inspection of critical parts prior to being released, in addition to the annual inspection conducted by the RTA. We are similarly vigorous with our commitment to quality customer care: all customers that pick-up or drop-off a vehicle receive a personal courtesy call afterwards; lease customers get follow up emails every three months; And customers who park their car in public parking may just come back to their car to find a ‘Thank for Choosing Carlease’ card in their window.

We also utilize our technology and our people to provide our customers with first-of-their kind services in the UAE. Not only were we the first car rental company in the UAE to introduce a fully, truly paperless booking system (way back in 2015), we have also innovated through our blog, which was the first of its kind in the UAE when it launched in 2016, through our Lease Exchange program, and through the Carlease Maintenance Bot, which is the first and only self-service online booking service for car maintenance in the UAE. More recently, in 2019, we were also the first car rental company to make vehicle inspections are fully digitized.

It is for this reason that we have been nominated at the MEED-Gulf Capital SME Awards in the Customer Focus category in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 – five years in a row.

Our Commitment to our Team

Our team is the most critical driver of our success – a happy team leads to happy customers. As such, we treat all our team members from top to bottom with the respect they deserve. Our team works hard to satisfy our customers, and our management team works hard to make sure that our team is taken care of.

Our Commitment to Innovation

We believe that the best innovations are small-scale changes that allow customers to trust us, and trust that we care about their safety and convenience.

We are the first and only company to operate a formal Refer a Friend program: customers who refer friends to us receive preferential treatment and monetary rewards. If long term customers opt-in to our Scratch Our Back program, we will place our logo on their car door and provide them with a reward.

All cars undergo a 55-point inspection of key equipment prior to release – the Ready to Go tag seen in the photo above was an innovation that we were the first to introduce that was later followed by others. We follow a policy of not purchasing models at the end of their design-cycle, to avoid customers feeling like they are driving an older car mid-way through their contract.

We innovate in after sales service as well. Customers requiring their car to be serviced can book an appointment seamlessly through our website’s Service Request Form. Customers can upgrade their car at any time without penalty, and add their spouse to the contract for a simple one-time fee instead of a monthly payment (a first in the industry). After contract close, customers can visit the Deposit Tracker on our website (another first) to get an update on their deposit within 24 hours.

We were the first car rental company in the Middle East to allow our customers to break their long term contracts without threat of an early termination penalty. The Carlease Lease Exchange is the an innovative, first-of-its-kind program in the Middle East, in which long term customers can handover their lease contract to someone else that is interested in their car. It is a truly unique program, and we encourage all our customers to take advantage!

We also regularly provide tips and advice, along with car reviews and regular service updates through our blog – we are not only the first rental company in the UAE to operate a blog, but we may well be the first car company in the UAE to operate a blog that’s useful!

Our Heritage

As one of the leading brands in the industry and one of the fastest growing car companies (annual growth rate averages over 30%), Carlease prides itself on the professionals that serve its customers. Our team hails from all over the world, stretching from South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

The Managing Director Mr. Aswini K Borkotoky has over 25 years of experience in running some of the biggest companies in the region within the sector. Carlease is a success story that is growing bigger by the day and the 50+ testimonials on our website speak to our customers’ satisfaction. We encourage you to find out why we have been able to be as successful as we have.


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