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Take part in the Region's first and only Lease Exchange program right here – with just a click

End your long term lease contract without any pretermination penalty, or take advantage of low long-term rates on short term contracts. The Lease Exchange is the only program of its kind in the Middle East, and available exclusively to Carlease customers

How it works

Benefits to Existing Customers
  • Want to terminate your lease early? Advertise your lease contract here to potential new customers and have them take up your contract for a fraction of the cost of your early termination penalty.
  • Simply click the SIGN UP button, fill in the relevant information about your lease and accept the terms and conditions to register your request. We will review your listing and contact you when your ad has been published.
  • You will incur a Listing Fee of AED 250 once your post is approved. This will be adjusted against your early termination fee when you return the car if you are unable to find someone to take on your lease.
  • When we receive communication that someone is interested to take over your lease, we will seamlessly transition your lease to the new customer on the transfer date. If someone takes-on your lease, you will incur an additional Success Fee of AED 250. Your total cost is limited to AED 500.


Benefits to New Customers
  • Take a look at the listings below and take advantage of long-term contract rates for shorter-term rentals.
  • If a listing interests you, simply click the Contact Us button next to the listing.
  • Fill in your details and we will be in touch to collect your documents.
  • We will do the rest.


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