Carlease Standard Terms and Conditions

The following is a quick overview of the general terms and conditions that we include in our contract, which will be explained to you in more detail by your sales agent. More information is also available in our FAQ section. You may also find some helpful advice on our Blog, where you can find helpful Tips and Advice on Driving in the UAE, getting the Most out of your Long Term Rental, driving in inclement weather conditions such as Sandtorms, Fog, Rain, and Overcoming Emergency Roadside Conditions

Comprehensive Insurance:

  • All our vehicles are comprehensively insured –driver, passenger and third party liability coverage is provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that you conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle prior to check-out and to ensure that all pre-existing damages are recorded on the vehicle check report (“VCR”)

  • Your liability will be limited to the insurance excess stated in your contract (typically AED 1200) in case of an accident that is your fault, in which case a red-colored report may be provided by the police. Your liability will also be limited to the insurance excess stated in your contract if the accident is a "Hit and Run" where the third party is not identified, even if you are given a green-colored report. All insurance and damage claims will require a police report in order to be processed

  • Damage caused to our vehicle for which a third-party is not identified, for which a police report has not been produced or which results in the insurance claim being denied will be charged in accordance with the Carlease Damage Rate Card, which is available for viewing. Repairs done by third-party garages and mechanics and not done by Carlease will not be acceptable

  • You have the option to reduce the liability by purchasing CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) at an extra cost, at the time of completing your agreement

  • Note that, as is common practice in the industry in this region, tire, wheel and rim damage is not included as part of the insurance coverage


  • Smoking in our vehicles is strictly prohibited as it damages our vehicles and is a safety hazard while driving. Smoking in our vehicles may result in a charge of up to AED 1000, determination of which will be at the sole discretion of the Carlease staff member checking-in the vehicle

  • Off-roading, rallying, racing or ‘drifting’ in our vehicles is strictly prohibited. Damages caused by such activities will not be covered by insurance and will be borne by you in full

  • Driving through standing water should be avoided at all times as this can cause major damage to the engine. Such damage will not be covered by insurance and will be borne by you in full

  • Pets may be allowed in our vehicles, however, cleaning and damage penalties will be charged, without exceptions

Maintenance and Replacement vehicle:

  • If servicing or maintenance is necessary for your vehicle, it will primarily be your responsibility to cooperate with our servicing and operations department and, where relevant, bring the vehicle for service and maintenance

  • If necessary, you can contact our operations department 24 hours in advance to make suitable arrangements for a service booking. This can be done on our website; web bookings will receive priority service

  • We will provide a replacement vehicle during maintenance and accident repairs. In case of an accident, a replacement will be provided after the original police report is handed over to us and any liability amounts have been paid. The replacement vehicle will be from our replacement fleet and will be a similar vehicle but not necessarily the same make and model


  • Our offer is based on a maximum use based on the number of kilometers stated in your contract (typically 300KM per day for daily rentals, 1500KM per week for weekly rentals and 4000KM per month for monthly rentals). Additional usage will be charged at the rate of AED 0.30 per Km for sedans and saloons, AED 0.50 per km for SUVs, in reflection of their different maintenance profiles

Salik (Toll Charge) and Traffic Fines:

  • The Salik (toll) charge will be AED 5 per crossing (i.e. AED 4 for Salik plus an AED 1 fee.

  • Traffic fine charges will be the actual fine, plus AED 50. We will inform you as soon as we get a notification from the concerned authorities.

  • You will be required to pay these amount immediately upon notification.


  • All drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age but exceptions can be made for long term leases on a case-by-case basis, pending insurance approval and licensing requirements

  • Drivers on a visit visa must have a valid international license issued by the country of origin along with their national license

  • Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating the vehicle

  • Drivers on a UAE resident visa must have a valid UAE driving license that is at minimum 6 months old. In case the UAE license is less than 6 months old, national licenses of countries whose licenses are transferrable to the UAE and more than 1 year old may be acceptable, but must be entered in the agreement. Click here for a list of countries with transferable drivers licenses

  • Only drivers whose driver’s licenses are registered in the agreement are authorized to drive the vehicle. Additional drivers can added for an additional AED 50 per month, per agreement. Spouses can be added for a one-time fee of AED 300, valid for the term of the agreement

  • Non-compliance with the above will not be acceptable to the insurance company and no claims will be honored – you will be fully liable for any damage, fines and charges


  • Our rental and security deposit invoice will be issued in advance of the term of the rental (i.e. a prepayment) and must be settled in full prior to the rental

Payment Terms:

  • Payment will be taken in advance for vehicles that are in-stock (i.e. a part of our existing fleet)

  • We will charge a deposit of AED 1,500, which will be refundable upon return of the car (“vehicle check-in”). This amount will be refunded after 20 working days from the date of return to take care of any traffic fines, Salik (toll charges), damages etc. This will be a charged amount. We do not charge our customers the credit card usage / terminal fee charged by our financial institution, as compensation for this charge

  • Payment can be made by credit card with an authorization to debit future rentals, traffic fines etc. Payment can also be made by cheque, bank transfer, corporate credit card or any other method mutually agreed between you and Carlease, in writing

  • All rental periods are calculated on a 24-hour basis. For example, a one- day rental starting at 9am must be returned by 9am the following day. Any delay – for example, if the car is returned at 5pm the following day – will result in an extra day being charged 

Early Termination:

  • Your early termination penalty will be stated in your contract and will not be negotiable 

  • Long term lease customers have the option to avoid your early termination penalty by accessing the Carlease Lease Exchange, which will allow you to terminate a long term contract with no early termination penalty – the only program of its kind in the UAE


  • Our normal deliveries are ex-stock subject to prior sale, i.e. cars that are currently in our fleet will be prioritized over buying new cars, for most deliveries

  • Cars may be delivered or picked-up from your location for a fee, subject to availability. We can often arrrange for you to be picked up from a nearby metro station, free of charge

Documents Required:

  • Passport copy, visa page, Emirates ID (front & back) and the driving license of the user in JPEG format

  • Copy of your Credit Card

  • Proof of Residential Address

  • Completed Customer Profile Form. You may upload the above documents and fill the customer profile form on our website by logging in to

  • All customers must present their original documents when picking up their car

Our offer also includes:

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • 24/7 roadside emergency support

  • Guarantee that our cars will be fully serviced and maintained, pending your cooperation

  • Free replacement vehicle when the leased vehicle is out for service

  • Guarantee that our cars are appropriately registered and in compliance with the laws of the UAE

  • Access to the Carlease Lease Exchange, which will allow you to terminate a long term contract with no early termination penalty – the only program of its kind in the UAE

  • The personal attention of the most dedicated after-sales customer care team in the industry


  • As company policy, all terms, conditions and agreements between you, our company and our sales associates are required to be recorded in writing before being enacted

  • Cancellation/Modification of your booking can be made up to 2 days before the Pick-up date.

  • 1 day rental will be charged for all no-show customers and customers who cancel within 2 days of their Booking Date.