UAE Traffic Law Updates – From 1st July 2017

BY - 20th July 2017

UAE Traffic Law Updates

In the interest of safety for all road users, we would like to draw your attention to some UAE traffic law updates. These updates are taking place from the 1st of July 2017, throughout the UAE.

The amendment in law means that there are some new rules entirely for driver compliance.

Some of the amendments in law are listed here:

Speeding by more than 20km/h – AED 300 fine
Speeding by more than 50km/h – AED 1000 fine
Speeding by more than 80km/h – AED 3000 fine
Blocking traffic – AED 1000 fine
Failure of vehicle occupant(s) to fasten seatbelt while driving (mandatory in back seats as well as front) – AED 400 fine per person
Jumping a red light – AED 1000 fine, 12 black points and confiscation of vehicle for 30 days


Please contact us at for a full list of traffic violations along with guidelines for penalties imposed. You can also get more information by reading the source article here.

Source: Khaleej Times




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