Top Auto Social Media Accounts in the Middle East

5th June 2020 BY
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While the Dubai auto show may be cancelled this year, advancements in the Middle Eastern auto space are certainly not taking a back seat. In the first part of the year alone, Dubai announced advancements in this sector from the introduction of flying taxis promising to be one of the first cities to bring over the Tesla Cybertruck.

Obviously, we think that our social media pages are pretty dope, and we think our Car Reviews are some of the best, but who do we follow to help us learn and keep up? With so much happening in the auto space, we’ve rounded up some of the best car blogs in the Middle East, with links, social media and resources that we use to ensure the car news we are reading is not just timely, but also relevant. Take a read:

uae top automotive social media accounts

1. Crank and Piston

Based right here in the UAE, this blog is our go-to for information on the auto industry in the Middle East. Not only does it provide information on car brands and the latest models, but more importantly, provides an understanding of how and when these latest car models will come to our region. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, don’t forget to read their super geeky section, which provides some obscure facts and information that would make you the star at your next cocktail party, such as an in-depth description to how synthetic fuel works (trust us on this one). Link here.

2. Arab GT

Self-described as the largest Arab automotive outlet in the region, this website provides followers with the latest news in both Arabic and English. From providing information to potential car renters, to giving in-depth and first-hand reviews, their YouTube page is a goldmine of information. Arab GT is a true institution in the UAE, with their reporters becoming household names and trusted advisors. Website here (Arabic) and YouTube channel here.

3. Drive Me Online

So we’re in Corona times and going in for a test drive prior to rent or buying a car may not be the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why we’ve singled out Drive Me Online – a page run by an extreme car enthusiast who provides his candid opinion on both traditional and upmarket car brands. What we like about the reviews is how relatable they are for folks, with specific details on how these cars models would perform in the UAE given our environment and climate. Website here.

4. Wheels

A website for the true car enthusiast – this blog proves all the details you didn’t even know you wanted to know. As car geeks, we enjoy going through their ‘Car Culture’ posts to learn more about the impact the auto industry has on pop culture. Did you know that Mercedes has a perfume? Well you would if you read about it on Wheels!

5. Mo Vlogs

OK – hear us out here – we know we are not renting out or leasing Pagani Zonda’s to our customers. But one can dream! Which is why Mo Vlogs gets a special place on our list. Their YouTube channel, hosted by Mo himself, is the number 1 YouTube account in the UAE and is known to provide reviews of some of the most insane luxury cars in the world. Follow along for the fun.

So there you have it – our top 5 car blogs in the UAE. Tell us if we are missing any of your favourites in the comments section.

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