10 Surprising Car Facts That Will Make You Say ‘Whaaaaat?’

4th January 2018 BY
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In honour of Trivia Day, we’ve rounded up the most interesting facts about cars that you probably didn’t know about!


Frisky Business

There was an Arab car called “Frisky” which an Egyptian President helped build. In 1959, President Nasser of Egypt was once involved in a plan to create an “All-Arab People’s Car” out of a British microcar called the Frisky. The deal to recreate it and name it ‘Ramses’ fell through, and the Ramses ended up as a disguised NSU. President Kouatly of Syria also had a Frisky. It is estimated that only 75 Friskys of all types remain worldwide.


A Truly Rare Beauty

The first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the production line on June 30, 1953. That year, only 300 Corvettes were built (each of them by hand), making them the rarest Corvettes. Each fibreglass-bodied two-seater was white with a red interior and a black canvas top.


Whale, What?

Whale oil was very popular between the 17th – 20th century and was used in a variety of man-made chemicals, materials and tools such as lamp oil, margarine and transmission oil. It was actually used in some car transmissions until 1973.


Now that’s Impala-sive

In 1965, the Chevrolet Impala sold more than one million units in North America, setting a record that still stands today. Originally introduced in 1958, the Impala was the best-selling automobile in the United States during the 1960s. Early Impala models sported six taillights, a unique feature which, for a time, became the Impala trademark.


Picnic Time!!!

Who’s up for a picnic?

The first and second generations of Honda CR-V’s came with a standard flip-out picnic table. There was also an optional shower kit for the back for the first gens too.



Should we say it’s mighty fine?

The highest-ever speeding fine was given to a Swedish man who was clocked at 180 mph in Switzerland, where fines are calculated according to the speed of the car and the driver’s income. He was fined just over 1 million US dollars.


Iconic Best Seller

Little Tikes’ iconic red and yellow Cozy Coupe toy car reached 6 million units in sales by its 25th anniversary in 2004 and was called the “world’s best-selling car for much of this decade” by The New York Times in 1998, outselling the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus.

Mr. Allen Swift posing next to his beloved Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster

Mr. Allen Swift posing next to his beloved Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster

First Love Never Dies

The record for the longest duration anyone has owned and driven a car belongs to a man named Allen Swift who drove his Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster for 82 years. He received the gorgeous roadster from his father as a graduation gift in 1928 which he drove until the time of his death at 102 years old! His Rolls-Royce cost at around $10,900 at the time which is roughly equivalent to $155,720 today.

Seamlessly beautiful indeed...

Seamlessly beautiful indeed…

Beautiful Beast

The 1946 Cisitalia 202 GT is so beautiful a car, that it is permanently exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art. The car sports has no sharp edges and is all one single sheet of aluminium. The car was only made from 1947 to 1952 and only 170 were ever produced.


A Million Miles Away

Gregorios Sachinides, a Greek taxi driver has the highest recorded mileage to date (2.9 million miles) on a Mercedes 240D. He donated his car to the company’s museum and he was gifted with a new car. Sachinides clocked up the kilometres driving around the streets of Thessaloniki, but also made hundreds of journey to Belgrade to transport medical supplies during the war in the Balkans.



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