Concept Cars – The Future of the Auto Industry

6th January 2019 BY
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Everyone thinks that concept cars look amazing. They steal the show: fancy looking vehicles that look exciting thanks to swoopy lines and up-top interiors. It definitely is all about that image – if the car is unusual enough, it’s likely to make headlines far and wide. Editors know that by running a few photos of flashy big wheels and futuristic styling of these concept cars, they’ll get more hits. While the manufacturers hope that when readers see the photos, they might change their perception of the brand.

Take this the DS X e-tense as an example – it is a “2035 dream car”, manufactured by DS (a part of Peugeot group). Half sports car, half luxury saloon, looks as if it came right out of a sci-fi fantasy. No less radical from the inside, there’s even a holographic personal assistant. This is basically what the company thinks a massively powerful, electric, a self-driving machine should look like.

DS X e-tense

Credit: BBC News/DS Automobiles

“We think that this future is going to be increasingly autonomous, more connected and shared. That means you won’t own a car anymore. But you will be able to access a service. And you might, once in a while, want to enjoy a luxury experience.” says the company’s chief designer, Laurens van den Acker.

No one can say for sure where the auto industry is headed, but one thing is for sure – by giving complete creative freedom to auto designers, carmakers are prepping themselves for the autonomous future while achieving some good publicity into the bargain. So there you have it, a few reasons concept cars are being built. Now the next time you see a shiny new concept car that has no chance of being produced, you’ll know the automaker has much more in mind.

Read the full article at BBC news.


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