A Message About our Response to COVID-19

1st March 2020 BY
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How We are Handling COVID-19

car interior cleaning

Germ Free, Driver Friendly

At Carlease, we remain committed to making sure that you arrive at your destination safely. We are closely monitoring Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are following guidance from the health authorities to ensure that we are taking the right actions to protect our customers and our team members.

All our vehicles go through a rigorous, multi-step cleaning process for each rental in addition to undergoing a 55-Point technical inspection, guaranteeing the strongest standards for hygiene. We will continue to do so, and given the current situation, we have further stepped-up our efforts in this area, with a particular focus on the most troublesome areas such as steering wheels, gear levers, rear-view mirrors etc.

Every car which is collected from a customer for service or a return, and every car which is given to a customer will have been thoroughly cleaned.

Understanding that the safety of our team members and our customers go hand in hand, we have also:

  • Provided all our drivers with personal hand sanitizers and provided instructions on the points at which its use is absolutely necessary
  • Stepped up cleaning at our offices throughout the day
  • Made hand sanitizers within reach for all our team members, and are enforcing a strict personal hygiene regime
  • Implemented business continuity protocols to distance our team members across our offices – please bear with us we work out any kinks and communication gaps during implementation
  • We will take additional precautions as recommended by the authorities in the UAE and the World Health Organization (WHO), and will continue to monitor this evolving situation. We will keep you informed of future updates.

In the mean time, linked below are some helpful, credible sources of information as well as some advice on car hygiene that we think you might find useful. We have also included some social-distancing friendly road trip ideas, in case you want to leave your house while remaining safe in your car.

Stay safe, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist.

Team Carlease

Helpful Information Sources

For the latest advice from the Government of the UAE regarding COVID-19, please follow the Ministry of Health and Prevention on social media. Other useful resources will also be available at the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (800-1717) and the Dubai Health Authority (800-342). Above all else, we recommend that you rely on these and other credible, known sources of information rather than the advice and information provided by unknown individuals via channels such as social media, as these channels often contain as much misinformation as useful fact.

You can read our advice on how to keep your car germ-free here, and our post on keeping cars odour-free also has some helpful cleaning tips, along with our post on car summer maintenance


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