BY - 20th July 2017

Read here about significant changes to the UAE traffic laws as of the beginning of July 2017. Changes include speeding, parking, obstructing traffic, seat belts, and mobile phone violations.

BY - 11th May 2017

Long drives can be a joy on the right road. Keep our tips in mind to ensure your safety and comfort.

BY - 9th May 2017

Long hours on the road during rush hour are a daily reality for many of us. Here is how to make it bearable.

BY - 18th March 2017

Are you driving safe in the rain? Here are some tips to follow.

BY - 8th February 2017

How well do you score on our ‘fog-savvy driver’ rating? Follow these rules to stay safe on foggy roads

BY - 1st February 2017

How do you pick the best rental car? Carlease asked its renters so you can learn from their experience

BY - 25th January 2017

An update on in-car technologies as they evolve into a fully integrated driverless experience.

BY - 3rd December 2016

In our second edition, we’ve rounded up the best hidden beaches in the UAE that are closer to home

BY - 30th November 2016

We’ve rounded up a few of the best hidden beaches in the UAE for your driving pleasure over the weekend

BY - 27th September 2016

Road conditions in the UAE are ultimately shaped it’s demographic. In all cases, keep calm, drive on.