Introducing Carlease Maintenance Bot

1st March 2018 BY
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Carlease Revolutionizes the Car Rental Customer Experience

Most of the companies celebrate their 10 year anniversary by cutting a cake, Team Carlease decided that it would revolutionize the customer service experience in the UAE’s car rental industry. Introducing the Carlease Maintenance Bot – the first fully online, self service booking engine for car servicing in the UAE. This is yet another first for Carlease, and yet another demonstration of how we work to constantly improve the experience of customers.

Getting car repairs and servicing done has always been a painful, labor-intensive process for most of the long term car rental customers. It involved multiple phone calls, confirmations and coordinating. Now, with the introduction of the Maintenance Bot, Carlease customers can make a booking to have their car repaired or serviced in real-time.

No more waiting and no more phone calls! With the launch of the maintenance bot, customers will be able to make bookings 24/7. Furthermore, customers can manage, reschedule and cancel their appointments using the maintenance bot, they will also receive reminder emails along with SMS text alerts.

Self-service Booking Engine for Car Servicing in the UAE

“We recognized early on in our experience that a key pain-point for all customers in rental industry – including ours, unfortunately – was during the servicing and repairs process” says Managing Director Aswini Borkotoky, a 30 year veteran of the MENA automotive industry. “We thought about how we could develop a system that makes interaction seamless for our customers. In the end, after many years developing our in-house software development capabilities, we were able to release the Maintenance Bot in to the world.”

The technology was implemented through a number of different platforms, which were brought together using tools developed in-house by Carlease. It wasn’t all programming, there was hard operational work involved as well. “Many months of research tracking thousands of transactions done by our Operations team were needed to put this together. Implementing a software is easy, putting it in to action in real life, that’s the difficult part.”

Using the Bot

Using the bot is super simple:

  1. Go here
  2. Select what type of service you require – is this an accident repair or just a regular service call?
  3. Tell the bot if you would like us to come to your location, or if you would like to come to our location in Al Quoz
  4. Select your location, and the select from the available timeslots (the calendar is live and shows our actual availability)
  5. Give us some details about your location and appointment
  6. Give someone a high-five

Check the animation below for a visual:

GIF explains how to make a service booking with carlease

The above GIF explains how to make a service booking using Carlease Maintenance Bot.

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