Our Favourite Nerdy Auto Social Media Accounts

5th June 2020 BY
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At Carlease, we’re a bit obsessed about cars, and what better way to fuel our obsession that through the wide web of social media for cars! Obviously, we think that our social media pages are pretty dope, and we think our Car Reviews are some of the best, but who do we follow to help us learn? We’ve got some of the best car bloggers and automotive YouTubers below!

best car blogs middle easy, practical car advice

We don’t just obsess about those accounts featuring Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s. Remember, we’re nerds! The cars and social media accounts we obsess over don’t just feature sexy, uber-expensive cars, they teach us about cars, how to manage them better, and often talk about practical cars (which may make it into our fleet one day!).

Here’s Carlease’ list of the YouTube and social media for cars accounts that we follow and love the most.

1. Up to Speed (Donut Media) – Car History

James Pumphrey is a legend amongst in the internet’s car enthusiasts, and this show is the reason why. Not only is his presentation of the history of famous car brands and nameplates historically enlightening, the production is also super addictive to watch! This show has also given birth to numerous internet memes: “Buff Horses”, “HRSPRS” and of course, “Lightning! Lightning! Lightning!”

Video below, link to the YouTube playlist here.

2. Consumer Reports – Practical “Normal” Car Reviews

We get it – everyone gets into cars by having posters of Mustang GT’s and Lamborghini Diablo’s on the walls. Although its nice to know what it feels like to drive a Bugatti at top speed (a la Top Gear), sometimes what we really want is reviews of cars that we might actually own. At this game, there is nobody better than Consumer Reports – they test their cars thoroughly, give meaningful insight and, since they’re a non-profit who actually buy each car they review, also pretty unbiased. The presentation can be a bit… meh, but the advice is real.

Links to their playlist on Cars here,  Auto Show Previews here and even their whole playlist on tyres here.

3. Science Garage (Donut Media) – Intro to Automotive Engineering

Let’s face it, most of us petrol heads think that we know a lot about how cars work, but really, we’re just pretending. Also made by our favourites at Donut Media, the Science Garage series gives an overview of how major vehicle components work with really cool graphics and explainers.

Link to the YouTube playlist here.

4. Engineering Explained – Hardcore Auto Knowledge

If you’ve watched all the videos on Science Garage and felt like you needed to get a bit more into the weeds, then Engineering Explained will get you there. Not only does Jason Fenske do an incredible job explaining basic concepts surrounding cars (like Torque vs Horsepower), he also explains the science and engineering behind major up and coming topics in the automotive industry (see below) features updates on internal combustion engine tech (our favourite – a whole episode on sodium filled exhaust valves), gives car care advice and car reviews. But be warned, this may be easy compared to taking an actual engineering class, but it definitely features charts and (scary scary) math!


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