Carlease’ Guide on Keeping Your Car Germ-Free

15th January 2020 BY
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Ever wonder what sort of germs are lurking in the interior of your car? A recent survey of over 1000 UK Motorists found that the average person only cleans his or her car about 10 times a year, while one in five motorists clean their car three or fewer times a year! That’s disgusting, especially when you consider that another survey revealed that there over 700 varieties of bacteria in a typical car interior, in which 94 per cent of us also eat and drink regularly! While all Carlease cars get a thorough 55-Point inspection and a thorough cleaning before being given to customers, here’s our best car interior cleaning advice on how to keep your car germ free – and a list of the germiest parts of your car.

car interior cleaning

Germ Free, Driver Friendly

The Culprits

The same survey, conducted by Motorpoint in the UK, went ahead and swabbed 20 parts of a typical car’s interior and cultivated the swab in a petri-dish. Following their analysis of the volume of bacteria from each part of the car, they determined that the dirtiest parts of the car interior were (drum roll please…)

  1. The Trunk
  2. Driver Footwell
  3. Seatbelt button
  4. Handbrake
  5. Gear Shift Lever
  6. Steering Wheel
  7. Rearview Mirror

Other common areas with high bacterial infestation included cup holders and door handles. Indeed, another survey by found that the average steering wheel had 629 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimeter, while cup holders carry 506 CFU per square centimeter, making both dirtier than a public toilet seat (172 CFU), a cell phone screen (100 CFU) and public elevator buttons (313 CFU).

Clean-Car Tips

Now that we’ve scared you into taking car interior cleaning more seriously, here is some of the best advice we’ve found on how to keep your car clean consistently.

1. Swab down the problem areas with wet-wipes

Wet Wipes for car interior cleaning

Your Best Friend

When in doubt, swipe it down! Grab a wet-wipe or any other favorite disinfectant cloth and clean all the areas mentioned above to make sure that they are bacteria free.

2. Clean the Cup-Holders

Grab a cup, cover the bottom of it with a sock that’s been drenched in disinfectant, and place the cup in the cup holder to clean the inside thoroughly.

Once you’re done cleaning out the cupholders, keep them that way by buying a liner or use silicone cupcake liners to prevent the liquid from reaching and getting stuck-in there.

3. Create a trash can


You can purchase a separate trash can for your car, or you can use a cereal container. In the worst case – use an extra cup in the door panel for use as a trash can. Just don’t forget to throw out and replace the cup from time to time!

4. Keep a Duster in your glove compartment

Don’t dust and drive! But keeping a duster in your glove compartment will allow you to clean up any messes and dust as it falls. Plus, this has the added benefit of making you little less allergy-prone when getting in to your car in the morning.

5. Use Bungee Cords or a Tarp to Keep your Trunk Clean

No-spill grocery bags bungee cord

Cover the back of your car with a tarp or install bungee cords in the trunk to prevent your fresh food from the grocery store from coming into contact with your dirty dirty trunk

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