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BY - 8th February 2017

How well do you score on our ‘fog-savvy driver’ rating? Follow these rules to stay safe on foggy roads

BY - 8th February 2017

The Impala takes comfort to a whole new level with a slew of sensors and electronics that do most of the driving.

BY - 25th January 2017

An update on in-car technologies as they evolve into a fully integrated driverless experience.

BY - 25th January 2017

This sub-compact delivers class-beating power and space with a full set of driving features. Not bad to look at either.

BY - 15th December 2016

We work hard to keep our fleet fresh. A few secrets on what to look for when booking a rental car.

BY - 13th December 2016

The Japanese hatchback shrugs off the “small rental car” moniker and delivers excellent space and power.

BY - 3rd November 2016

Arriving in style takes on a whole new meaning with the refreshingly elegant, spacious and a comfortable ride.

BY - 13th October 2016

Our innovative online Lease Exchange platform gives customers an easy exit from long-term contracts.

BY - 29th August 2016

Ever wondered why your steering wheel is round? Here’s why it continues to be a circle

BY - 29th August 2016

The 2.4L sedan s a well-balanced product, except when it sets out to thrill the driver… and succeeds!