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BY - 3rd March 2019

Our Special Offer for Short Term rentals – Rent for 3 days and get the 4th day free!

BY - 10th July 2018

The region’s summer temperatures call for special attention, find out how to keep cars cool in the summer.

BY - 27th January 2018

Torque gives you acceleration, horsepower gives you top speed. Is that correct? Find out all about it here!

BY - 17th January 2018

Everyone takes a selfie with Burj Khalifa, but is that it? No! here is the list other cool stuff that should be on your list.

BY - 22nd November 2017

Our most exciting reveal at the Dubai Motor Show was a Kia. Who would’ve thought! Check it out!

BY - 21st November 2017

The refreshed 2017 Sportage not only looks good but also continues to be the shining star in the Kia fleet.

BY - 24th October 2017

The Cruze gets you from point A to point B with minimal fuss. And the sound system will rock your world.

BY - 22nd October 2017

Get your spook on with our list of car-related Halloween movies!

BY - 27th September 2017

Understated elegance and a well-optimized power-to-weight ratio with a fuel-efficient ride.

BY - 1st September 2017

How do you pick the best rental car? Carlease asked its renters so you can learn from their experience