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BY - 9th December 2020

Get the best rental deals in the UAE using the Entertainer. Offers on Daily & Weekly rentals!

BY - 5th December 2020

Our Special Offer for Short Term rentals – Rent for 3 days and get the 4th day free!

BY - 1st September 2020

How do you pick the best rental car? Carlease asked its renters so you can learn from their experience

BY - 27th July 2020

Road conditions in the UAE are ultimately shaped it’s demographic. In all cases, keep calm, drive on.

BY - 5th May 2020

Life in the fast lane can be enticing and exciting, but could become lethal if your tires aren’t up to the challenge.

BY - 31st October 2019

In our second edition, we’ve rounded up the best hidden beaches in the UAE that are closer to home

BY - 30th October 2019

We’ve rounded up a few of the best hidden beaches in the UAE for your driving pleasure over the weekend

BY - 22nd August 2019

Here’s a handy guide on all the things you need to think about when picking the right car for you

BY - 26th July 2019

Whether you’re a smoker or not, a rental vehicle smelling of its previous occupant is not an option for us.

BY - 26th May 2019

Getting behind the wheel when fasting requires an enhanced awareness of safety.