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BY - 31st July 2021

Enjoy the best car rental deal we have ever given – AED 999 per month on select vehicles. Get in to your own car!

BY - 30th July 2021

Thank you for taking care of us! This special car rental deal’s for you!

BY - 29th July 2021

Are you from the finance, accounting or consulting industry looking to rent a car? We’ve got you covered!

BY - 8th December 2020

Carlease has teamed up with Etisalat’s Smiles program to offer the best deals on car rentals anywhere!

BY - 7th December 2020

Use the Discounter App to get amazing offers on Daily and Weekly car rentals in the UAE!

BY - 6th December 2020

Sign up for TravellerPass and get discounts of up to 50% Off your car rentals!

BY - 4th December 2020

Get the best weekend car rental offers from Thursday to Sunday using the Entertainer app.

BY - 2nd December 2020

Get 50% off on your weekly car rental offers using the Entertainer app.

BY - 23rd November 2020

Help us celebrate our nation’s 49th Birthday with an amazing 49% off daily rentals for the long weekend!

BY - 28th October 2020

Introducing the first and only car rental gift voucher scheme in the UAE. Get a 50% cash bonus today!