A Carlease’ Guide: Best Driving Advice for Newbie Drivers in UAE

BY - 15th September 2018

Driving can be strangely liberating for newbie drivers in UAE. Not being dependent on public transport, driving your own vehicle – bought or leased – can give you a feeling of unmatched freedom, especially when you take off on one of the amazing road trips recommended by Carlease.

Being a newbie driver can be a bit intimidating..

As liberating as it is, Dubai is also home to a lot of different driving styles due to the different nationalities residing in the country. In fact, the next time you’re waiting at a traffic light, look around you. Chances are, you will be next to someone who has a license issued in a cyclist-friendly jurisdiction, where drivers are used to doing shoulder checks. You could also be next to someone who could learned how to drive in a country where the car’s horn gets more mileage it’s brakes. This can become somewhat stressful to anticipate – but only if you let it get to you.

Get updated on new rules:

Did you know double parking in crowded places can now land you an instant fine? Newer cameras are now in place for detecting numerous misdemeanors including driving while holding a mobile phone. Do you know the new speed limits for all roads such as Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road? It’s not unusual for newer speed limits to be announced in an effort to reduce accidents. You can also follow @CarleaseUAE on Twitter to keep up with the updates.

frustrated new driver

Cage in the road rage

As classics go, do you know that you can be fined for driving too slow in the fast lane? Most roads have a minimum speed limit posted as well and you can cause immense frustration if you drive below it. Even if you’re going at the speed limit, and the person coming at a high speed is obviously a long way off, get out of its way and let is pass. The police have made it clear that drivers blocking others’ way in the fast lane can be fined, regardless of the speed limit. At Carlease, our experienced drivers report that this is one of the leading causes of road rage.

Be nice to pedestrians:

You are likely to hear drivers not just being fined, but awarded black points for failing to stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing. The rule is to stop for pedestrians at all zebra crossings. Please do it even if you find others blithely zipping through, and even if there is no visible policing.

On the other hand, if you brake suddenly, anticipating a pedestrian to cross, you’ll never pass a driving test. The correct thing to do is to check your rear-view mirror before braking for a pedestrian.

Carlease Fun Tip: Keep a look out for peacocks, camels, and horse crossing signs. You may be rewarded by some unusual sightings – baby camels trundling along, a peacock ambling around, or a team of horses with their riders!

Considerate Driving

Small acts of kindness go a long way

Be considerate to other drivers:

When there are so many driving cultures jostling for space on the road, the only rule that works is to be considerate. This applies to random things that may happen on the road – drivers roll down windows requesting others to allow them to cut in so they can make a U-turn or queue up to go to their favorite shawarma joint.

Acknowledging a good deed makes for happier drivers across cultures. Wave a thank you if someone has been nice to you, like giving you way to cut through traffic.

Be kind to yourself:

Many of us make long, grueling journeys daily. Make an effort to ensure yours is as pleasant as it can be. Take advantage of rest stops at petrol stations to refuel car and to rehydrate yourself. Play music of your choice, buy audio books and listen to podcasts. Make plans for long weekend drives when the weather is good and enjoy the roads. And look out for those camels and peacocks!

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