5 Reasons to rent or lease a car in Dubai

20th March 2019 BY
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Leasing has always been a good option for expats based in UAE who are in the market for luxury and economy vehicles. The most obvious reason to lease or rent a car that, in the long term, it can be cheaper to rent a car rather than buy it, especially after considering the depreciation of the car. Not to mention, you also save your time! The core reason for this difference is that when leasing a car, your monthly payments are depreciating the value of the vehicle from the moment you lease it till the time of return. If car resale values are high, the vehicles does not fall as fast as expected, so your lease service provider will be able to sell the car for than it is worth at the point of sale. This translates into lower lease payments for you. The longer the lease agreement, the higher the savings for the user on a monthly payment basis.

Price is not the only factor which makes leasing so sweet. When you buy a car, you don’t just buy the molded metal body but a whole lot of services. The most important of these is that you end up with a car that is maintained a significantly lower monthly maintenance cost than if you did it yourself. Apart from these wear and tease issues, there are multiple add-on costs associated with car ownership. Let’s discuss below few points the car leasing service provider offers that’s beneficial for any customer.

car rental Service and maintenance

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Service and maintenance

Cars are complicated, and there are multiple service related concerns that always require a thorough check – engine oil, brakes, tyres, air conditioning to name a few. Periodic maintenance is essential for any vehicle in order to maintain the safety of the drivers. So when you lease a car for either short or long term period, all these overheads are taken care of by the lease service provider. Every car rental provider has to ensure that the car is safe to drive and follow the rules and regulations as issued by the government.

Car registrations and renewals in Dubai

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Registration and Insurance Renewals

Each car needs to be registered and have a valid insurance in order to legally drive on the UAE roads. Registration renewal procedures vary depending upon the cars age and purpose, whether private or commercial. Also the car registration will be cancelled if not renewed within the set period. Car rental service providers handle the registration renewal and insurances of their overall fleet to ensure that that each and every car is legally entitled to hit the roads without any obligation of the local government.

Carlease agreement in Dubai

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Flexibility to leave

When you lease a car from a car rental service provider, you get the flexibility to terminate the contract and exit paying only for the time period you’ve used the car. For long term car lease there is are minimal early termination fees that every car rental provider charges, allowing you to exit in case of emergency. There is also an option of Lease Exchange – available only to Carlease customers –  where you terminate your contract early without any pre-termination charges and your lease is been transferred to someone who is searching for a similar lease contract.

24/7 Roadside assistance from carlease

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24/7 Emergency Assistance

Many car rental companies in Dubai provide 24/7 emergency assistance in case of emergency situations, whether they be a minor issue or a major breakdown. The drivers of the service providers are always available, round-the-clock, assisting and helping the customers who are in need. This is what makes leasing a car more comfortable. Although you aren’t totally exposed if you buy a car, there are value added services provided by car leasing and rent a car services.

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 Saving money

As we mentioned earlier, car leasing is usually a cheaper option rather than buying. It’s not just about the monthly installments payable when you buy a car, it’s the overall maintenance cost, registrations and renewals, insurance coverage and most, importantly, the depreciating value of the car you will be responsible for when you buy it. And don’t forget, the longer the lease, the less you pay monthly.

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