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We offer one of the best Lease options available in the market with years of experience in this business. Our well trained staff will be happy to guide you and explain the various advantages of our Lease Plan.


Advantages of our Lease Plan
For many Corporates and Individuals, leasing a car has become an attractive alternative to buying. Leasing gives the option to pay a fixed amount every month without going through the hassles of insuring, registering and maintaining, owning and selling the car. It not only saves you time and money but gives the flexibility. In a market where money is scarce, especially for medium and small size Companies, leasing gives the option to utilize the resources for more productive use. Leasing in most cases also gives you the option to drive a new car of your choice.

No Down Payment
In our plan you have to pay the first month rent and is the main reason why customer's choose to lease car.

Low and Fixed Monthly Payment
You have to pay a fixed amount every month and that makes it easy for you to plan the monthly budget.

Opportunity to Drive a Newer and Nicer Car
You will probably have the option to drive a nicer and new car of your choice.


No Trade Hassles
Since the Car belongs to us, you don't have the hassle of trade-in the car or selling it when the lease period expires.

Mileage Options
Depending upon your usage and requirement, flexible monthly payment plan can be worked out.
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